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Chad Davidson is a writer and professor of English at the University of West Georgia. His work has appeared in AGNI, Boston Review, Chicago Review, Colorado Review, DoubleTake, Epoch, The Paris Review, Pequod, Ploughshares, Virginia Quarterly Review, and numerous other publications.


"Reading each poem in Consolation Miracle is like watching a seine net pulled onto the beach at sunrise: the arc of poetry revealing its haul, one by one, and then suddenly, a multitude of sleek, puffing, shiny things full of fear and trembling. The tight curtail sonnets, ‘Almost Ending with a Troubadour Line’ and ‘The Match,’ are every bit as beguiling as the longer, meditative lyrics, ‘All the Ashtrays in Rome’ and ‘Cleopatra’s Bra.’ And the longest poem in Davidson’s striking first collection, ‘Space,’ stakes its claim as one of the benchmark long lyrics for the new century."

—Ruth Stone, author of In the Next Galaxy and Ordinary Words

"Chad Davidson is a poet of brilliant, unanticipated mixtures: a postmodernist who cares deeply for grace and clarity; an odemaker with a penchant for the epigrammatic; a philosopher of both gravitas and levity. His elegantly crafted surfaces never mask character or abbreviate temperament. Davidson means to bring the whole person to the page. Consolation Miracle announces a poet that I look forward to reading for years."

Rodney Jones, author of Kingdom of the Instant and Elegy for the Southern Drawl


"With The Last Predicta Chad Davidson continues his war against the bland and predictable by conjuring an exotic alternate world of intellectual daring, wit, and verbal brilliance. He possesses the rarest sort of imagination, able to locate subterranean connections among the most disparate fragments of ordinary life, to identify the spirit's secret survival even in the blinding light and shallow recesses of contemporary experience. What we want from art is the life within life, and these poems take us there."

B. H. Fairchild, author of Early Occult Memory Systems of the Lower Midwest: Poems


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